Thursday, August 27, 2009

Desserts and Indecision

I like options. Okay, correction. I LOVE options. Why be so narrow and focused? Options give you the chance to explore alternatives without making a specific commitment. P.S. - This side of me drives my husband crazy! It's inherited, I can't help it. My family's favorite meal is Brunch - the meal of indecision. It's not lunch. It's not breakfast. It's one giant option. And really, few things make us happier.

As I prepare for my first 19 mile run this Saturday, I'm considering my options. Not of my route, my coach will tell me where to run. More importantly, I'm considering dessert. I feel that 19 miles is a huge accomplishment and should be rewarded a such. My dessert motivator must be worthy of completing 19 miles. As of right now, I am lost on a buffet of options:

What dessert is worthy of 19 miles?

Should I bake a dessert myself?

Do I go back to get a dessert in LA that I know I love, or do I branch out and try something new?

I am lost in my indecision, which is the downside of operating in options.

Help me find my way! Please leave suggestions, links or comments below!


  1. If you want to go with the theme of decisions, walk into Portos Bakery on Brand. Plenty to work with there.

    If you want to have a Multi Dessert, one that you don't have to decide which way to go, try making Bananas Foster on top of Nutella Crepes.,0,2529564.story

    I think they leave out the vanilla ice cream. I would add it.

    Otherwise, treat yourself and go to Chaya for their Warm Milk Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding with Caramel Ice Cream.


  2. Brunch is the meal of indecision. You are good, lady. DO NOT BAKE FOR YOURSELF. 19 miles=no baking. Hmmm. I think you should have your very favorite thing, don't venture out. Rewards should be guaranteed satisfaction.

  3. I say go out and have your most favorite dessert but at the place in LA that makes it the best! #1 all the way. SHould also possibly include champagne for running that many miles for no reason! #:^)